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Event and Band Schedule

Each band performs for one hour with fifteen minutes between each band to change over.

Friday July 17th

Campground Opens

Friday Noon

First Shuttle

Friday 4:00 PM

Gates Open

Friday 5:00 PM


Van Halen Tribute

Friday 7:00 PM

Unchained is all about classic era, guitar-driven Van Halen! The band has undergone quite a transformation since their set at Harefest last year. Gone is the 'cock and balls' shtick with the girls et al, and instead have evolved into a more 'serious' and 'rockin' version of the VH form the early days. These guys are reason #1 to get to Harefest on time!!!


Scorpions Tribute

Friday 8:15 PM

Lovedrive has the Scorpions dialed in! Larry Smith is one of the best lead singers around (sounds exactly like Klaus), and the band nails everything from the signature guitar solos to the meaty rock grooves that anchor the Scorpions sound.

Crazy Train

Ozzy Ozbourne Tribute

Friday 9:30 PM

The men of Crazy Train are among the 'founding fathers' of the NW hard rock tribute scene. Ozzy impersonator Tim Tugg is virutally indistinguishable from the real thing, and the entire band nails the sound and feel of all eras of Ozzy. All Aboooooooard!!!!

Appetite for Deception

Guns 'N' Roses Tribute

Friday 10:45 PM

Appetite for Deception is the most authentic Guns N' Roses Tribute in the world. Period.


Metallica Tribute

Friday Midnight

BOOM! These guys eat, sleep, and breath Metallica...and it shows. It's a band full of A-List players dedicated to the craft. Prepare to have your face melted...

Last Shuttle leaves for the Wild Hare

Saturday 2:00 AM


Saturday July 18th

First shuttle leaves Wild Hare

Saturday 1:00 PM

Gates Open

Saturday 2:00 PM

Jukebox Heroes

Foreigner Tribute

Saturday 3:15 PM

Featuring the return of original lead singer Rich Ray, their high energy show won't leave Foreigner fans disappointed! It is URGENT that you get to HAREFEST right on time!

Petty Fever

Tom Petty Tribute

Saturday 4:30 PM

Petty fans rejoice! Frank Murray's Petty Fever is playing Harefest for the first time. The current reigning two-time L.A. Music Awards "National Tribute Band of the Year" will show you exactly why they have been bestowed such high accolades!

Ramble On

Led Zeppelin Tribute

Saturday 6:00 PM

Ramble On is Portland's most popular Led Zeppelin tribute, and always a fan favorite at the 'Fest!


Heart Tribute

Saturday 7:15 PM

Endorsed by Heart Co-Founder Roger Fisher, Barracuda is an exceptionally authentic tribute to the music of Heart. Lead Singer Donna "Little Ann" Caruk will BLOW YOUR MIND! Not exaggerating...


Bon Jovi Tribute

Saturday 8:30 PM

Steelhorse delivers all the Bon Jovi hits performed by some of the best musicians in the Northwest music scene.

Stone In Love

Journey Tribute

Saturday 9:45 PM

Stone in Love performs faithful renditions of the classic hits from one of the most beloved rock groups of all time… Journey. 

The band delivers a high energy performance that showcases all the hallmarks of the Journey sound - soaring lead vocals, lush four-part harmonies, signature guitar licks, fat keyboards, and driving rhythms.

Grand Royale

Beastie Boys Tribute

Saturday 11:00 PM

Now here's a little story I've got to tell, about three bad brothers you know so well.

Shoot to Thrill

AC/DC Tribute

Saturday Midnight-ish

Shoot To Thrill is Portland's "balls to the wall" AC/DC tribute band. This one is simple...if you like AC/DC, you will LOVE Shoot to Thrill!

Last Shuttle leaves for the Wild Hare

Sunday 2:30 AM